Wendy Batten Havemann, MS. ED

I am a strengths coach who works with clients using a tool known as the StrengthsFinder, an online assessment developed by Gallup that’s often paired with its best-selling book.  The StrengthsFinder helps people pinpoint where their natural gifts and tendencies lie, which Gallup categorizes into 34 “talent themes.”

Each person’s coaching is going to be unique to that person’s themes and strengths.  My personal mission is to truly help an individual maximize their potential to be your best self, and do your best work.

To realize the full benefits of yourstrengths, it is crucial that you focus on developing them completely. Partnering with a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach can be the difference between simply knowing your strengths and truly living a strengths-based life.

Wendy Batten Havemann has worked in the human development field for over 30 years. She has a Masters Degree in Adult Learning and Organizational Performance with a Bachelors Degree in Human Services.  As a Certified StrengthsFinder/StrengthsQuest Coach she helps people discover ways to enhance their quality of life at work and at home. 

Wendy has worked with corporate, state and non-profit organizations coaching individuals and teams. She has coached young people to gain clarity and insight into themselves leading to a more successful life. In addition, she is a published author of "Tough-Minded Parenting".

What can you expect from Wendy? She will give you her undivided attention through customized one-on-one coaching sessions.

Additionally, she worked as a trainer in the character education field, human services field and as a youth advocate.

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